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This is a very dynamic style of Yoga discovered and translated from ancient texts by Krishnamacharya and Shri K Pattabhi Jois.

The primary series of Ashtanga Yoga is known is Sanskrit as ”Yoga Chikitsa” meaning Yoga therapy this series aligns and purifies the body.

Ashtanga Yoga follows a set sequence of postures, one posture preparing you for the next. These are all linked together into a continuous flow using Vinyasa, this means there is a precise number of syncronised breath and movement transitions into and out of each posture. Through the use of a specialised breathing technique known as Ujayii, which means victorious breath an immense heat is created in the body which in turn creates a purifying sweat to detox and cleanse the body on all levels. By having conscious control of the breath and using bandhas(internal locks) and Drishti(specific gazing points) the mind is steadied and enters a meditative state, so we become engrossed in the free flow of breath throughout the continuous flow of postures.

This style of Yoga is popular with people who prefer a more vigorous Yoga session. It is both physically and mentally challenging but very rewarding on all levels. This style of Yoga helps promotes independence, because as the student begins to memorise the sequence they can build up a daily practice on their own following the sequence up to where they know.

Traditionally this is how Ashtanga was learned, the student would self practice with the teacher making adjustments and the student would receive more postures once they were ready to progress through the series. Today in the west a great many classes are talk through classes, this is where the teacher talks the class through the postures. This then leads on to self practice classes where students attend a class but practice the series from memory in their own time so everyone is working to their own rhythm, with the teacher working with each student individually. This Yoga has increased in popularity over recent years through celebrities such as Sting, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow endorsing its benefits.

Although this style of Yoga is more vigorous I still encourage students to have a focussed awareness throughout the session and making sure that each posture is comfortable and steady and not forced. The aim is to still the mind it is not an aerobics session.

Subtle adjustments are made during sessions to allow the students to work to their edge, and to understand the dynamics of a posture. No student is ever forced deeper into postures.

I’m afraid classes are unsuitable for pregnancy.


Please see classes section or available as Personal Tuition at £35 per session (for up to 4 people)

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