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The art of stilling the mind.

I use a variety of different techniques in meditation sessions. These depend on the needs of the individual, if for example a client was suffering from anxiety symptoms then awareness on the breath and some tuition on correct breathing practices would be of great benefit. It is during these times of increased stress and anxiety that the breathing becomes shallow and the mind becomes erratic. It is through gaining an awareness of how we breathe that we can gain control over the mind and senses.

The mind is the controller of the body, but the breath is the controller of the mind.

Sometimes a meditation session can be merely an awareness of the flow of breath and when the mind begins to wander we gently bring it back to the breath, this may sound simple but is harder than it sounds, try it for yourself. Throughout the session we will still have thoughts the key is to be aware of those thoughts but not to be carried away by them, as we try and remain focussed on the breath or whatever else we wish to concentrate on the thoughts gradually become less. This then allows us to have a single pointed awareness (dharana) on the object we are using for our meditation for the whole session. It is only when we reach this level of concentration that we can begin to access deeper states of meditation.

A favourite meditation of mine is the Metta Bhavana a meditation used in Buddhism; it means to cultivate loving kindness. This is a beautiful meditation and can be very challenging, but instils a greater feeling of connectedness and inner peace and allows deeper access to our own emotional states.

I will sometimes incorporate Yogic breathing techniques, Mudra and Mantra into meditation sessions as these all help to calm the mind and increase concentration.
A chakra cleansing meditation can also be taught, I also have experience of shamanic journeying techniques.


Individual Tuition £35 per session

Small groups (up to 6) £35 per session

Half hour meditation session £25

I am available for Yoga and meditation workshops please phone or email.

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