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Thai Bodywork

Traditional Thai massage which is sometimes referred to as Thai Yoga massage due to its relationship and similarities to Hatha Yoga postures and principles is more of a bodywork therapy then a western style massage.

It originated in India during the Buddha’s lifetime over 2500 years ago, early in its development it spread to South East Asia and was practiced by monks as one element of indigenous Thai medicine.

Thai massage is an interactive manipulative bodywork therapy it uses passive stretches and gentle palm and thumb pressure along energy lines, similar in relation to the meridians in Chinese medicine and the nadis in Ayurveda.

A Thai massage is uniquely relaxing and energising, it is a bit like doing a Yoga session but without putting forth any effort, and receiving an acupressure treatment at the same time, it has sometimes been referred to as assisted Yoga or Yoga for the lazy! Two primary procedures are used, applying pressure with the hands and feet and a variety of passive stretching movements that resemble some Yogic postures. These are applied in a meditative atmosphere and in a flowing rhythm which enables the mind to relax into this rhythm and enter deep relaxation, each posture in Thai massage opens and prepares the body for the next.

These movements help to:

  • Adjust the musculoskeletal system
  • Increase body flexibility and range of movement
  • Stimulate internal organs
  • Relieve muscular and joint tension
  • Balance the body’s energy system
  • Release tension and toxic material from muscles, joints and connective tissues
  • Instil a state of deep relaxation and calm alertness
  • Thai massage is performed on a floor mat with the client wearing loose comfortable clothing. This ancient manipulative therapy is suitable for both young and old, active or inactive. Each person will respond differently to a treatment in terms of their own experience and present state of health.
    It can be beneficial for athletes, gymnasts, Yoga students and martial artists or anyone wishing to increase their range of movement.

    Thai massage has been used for centuries to treat degenerative conditions and promote peace and wellness.

    I’m afraid Thai massage is not available during pregnancy.


    £45 Full body Thai massage 1hr 30mins 

    I am also available for Yoga and meditation workshops please phone or email.

    The Breathe Center Studio in Newark, Nottinghamshire